"Retrospection Media pulled together a High School Graduation Celebration Video for our 18 yr. old daughter and her congratulatory Open House. What a great piece they created! The final product was first-class, high quality and was met with loads of praise. Ray pulled it all together in a way that few could, with flexibility and quality. Thanks Ray and Retrospection!"

Mark Kaufman - Oak Brook, IL

Preserving your family's legacy the right way...
for your budget

Retrospection Media offers you three levels of productions to choose from, based on how extensive a life history you want, the amount of archival material available, and other production options such as music, narration, etc.

The simplest package we offer involves producing a high-quality personal interview, an hour or so in length, and requires about a week for delivery of the finished DVD. A Lifetime of Memories. Preserved.

Fully produced Life Stories, our specialty, are 10-20 minute mini-documentaries using the variety and richness of your historical images to support the video interview. The result: better storytelling and a more polished feel. They often include archival photos, home movies, multiple interviews, and emotion-producing music tracks. Normally 4-6 weeks of production services or more are required.

Your Life Story is totally unique. As such, your video's cost will be based on your specific needs and desires. As a frame of reference, however, we offer these basic production packages:

Our Lifeshare Journal production, our most basic service, provides you with a simply recorded, single-location video interview with your family member. It delivers a beautiful digital picture of the subject with clean, clear sound at a price starting at $750*. Your family member's own thoughts, in his or her own words, are preserved forevermore.


The Digital Family Keepsake integrates photos and uses music along with the interview material to enhance the storytelling. It requires a minimum of 4-6 weeks of production services. Prices range from $ 2,500 - $6,000*, depending on length (10 – 20 minutes), the number of interviews to be included, and the amount of archival materials available from you and your family. View Sample

Videotaping Photos Music

Our finest production, the Family Legacy Biography, is more in-depth and more polished requiring extensive planning and production services, including additional professional touches (narrator, musical scoring, graphic design, etc). This more sophisticated and memorable kind of production begins at $8,000*. View Sample

Videotaping Photos Music Scriptwriting Narration Graphic design

Plus, you can choose to share your video with families and friends in any of three formats: DVD, web or digital files.

*Pricing is subject to change without notice.
"I recently had Retrospection Media prepare a surprise present for my wife Jennifer on our 30th wedding anniversary. The final product was artful and seamless as well as reasonably priced. I recommend Retrospection Media without reservation."

Stephen Christy, Chicago, IL

The possibilities are endless…

Retrospection Media can also chronicle important family events including weddings and anniversaries, as well as video presentations for your business or not-for-profit organization. In addition to our Video Life Stories, our menu of services includes planning, shooting and producing memorable digital videos of:
  • Family Event Videos: Weddings, Anniversaries, Tributes
  • Luxury Real Estate Tour videos
  • Live Band Performance/Music videos
  • Corporate Sales and Marketing videos