Depending which of our video package options you select, there are normally four simple steps to completion of an amazing family keepsake:

Step One: Getting started
Meeting Phone

We'd like to first speak with the subject of your Digital Life Story to introduce ourselves so we can get comfortable with each other and fully explain the project. We'll explain the kind of topics the video can include, and determine what photos and other materials are available for inclusion.

Step Two: Gathering materials and information
Photos Home movies

Depending on the profile package you choose, photos, home movie clips, mementos – all the pieces of the person's life that add interest and spark memories – are gathered to tell the story. A list of the people that played important parts in the subject's life is assembled and additional photos are searched or interviews conducted. All are blended into a loose script or storyline of the subject's life that's key to putting the profile together in an entertaining and memorable way.

Step Three: Conducting interviews

Casual, comfortable conversation is probably a more accurate description of the process than "interview." Asking questions. Listening to favorite stories. Stirring up happy memories. Our expert interviewers help make the whole experience as relaxing and enjoyable as chatting with an old friend or neighbor over a cup of coffee.

Step Four: Putting it all
together and final approval
Narration Editing Music Scriptwriting Graphic Design

Taking all the photographic materials, the interview(s), and the scripted storyline, we professionally edit all the elements together to create your family's very own personal Digital Life Story. After viewing the first edited version, any changes that need to be made are discussed and a final video is completed and copies made.

That's the whole process. The normal time frame for creation of a Digital Life Story, depending on the package you choose and the amount of content, ranges from four to eight weeks.

"We hired Retrospection Media to tape an interview with both my parents in the fall of 2005. The resulting video is priceless. My Dad died less than six months after it was made, and although my Mom lived another three years, her mental faculties declined rapidly after Dad died."

– Beth Fitch, LaGrange, IL