How long does it take to make a video?

The time it takes can range from 1 week, for a simple LifeShare Journal, to several months for our Family Legacy Biography.

What makes Retrospection Media's family videos worth the investment in time and money?

We're experts. When you view our work, you'll see that every project we do incorporates our vast experience, our passion to create a memorable story, and, most importantly, impressive results.

Couldn't I do the same kind of video myself?

Conduct a video interview? Yes. Can most people produce a finished product like ours? Unlikely. It takes both innate and acquired skills to create award-winning caliber work like ours.

Where does the videotaping take place?

Usually at the residence of the interviewee. But we can conduct interviews anywhere that sound or light allows, or when getting permission to use the location is a problem. Ideally, shooting indoors allows us to avoid audio problems.

Who can/should be present on the day the video is recorded?

Retrospection Media's services include our professional interviewer, and you and your family members are welcome to attend. Providing an atmosphere of comfort and openness is key to getting natural, unforced answers and detailed stories from the subject. So, within reason, we love family participation.

Can interviewing include more than one person at a time? Can my parents sit together?

Absolutely. Yet keep in mind that there are tradeoffs to this approach. The camerawork is less personal, since we often need to pan and zoom quite a bit more depending on who's talking. And there's a loss of intimacy that one person and one camera afford.

What sort of questions are asked in the interview?

All kinds. The stuff of life. Broad life-concept questions. Specific questions about who, and where and when. Thought-provoking. Funny. "Think back" and "what if" questions and more.

What preparations are necessary prior to the interview?

We'll need to speak with you over the phone, or meet you in person. We try to get a sense of what the interviewee(s) is like and how to make him/her comfortable during the interview.

How does one dress for an interview?

The person on camera should dress comfortably, with a hint of color. For some this means a blouse and blue jeans. For others, a dress shirt and slacks. This is not a fashion show, though if the interviewee was once a fashion designer, then maybe that would be perfect.

Will we be able to share the video with friends and family on the Internet?

Yes, in it's simplest form, you can make it available for viewing on YouTube. But we can also arrange online streaming of your program. In addition we can send you video files that allow you to view it on your computer.

What if I'm not happy?

Then we're not happy. Plain and simple. Unhappy clients do not make for good business. We will work with you until you're pleased.

My photos and videos are irreplaceable. How do I know they will be safe?

Please know that we are extremely careful handling your photographic and historical materials. To date, no photo or video or memento has ever been lost or damaged. Retrospection Media is completely insured and bonded for loss or damage.

Can you refer us to past customers for their evaluation of your services?

Absolutely. They would be happy to speak with you. Just ask us.

Do you make funeral memorial videos?

We do, but only for distributing as a video legacy weeks afterward. McDonald's we're not. To do such videos right takes time. Each piece is custom crafted, by hand, heart and mind.

Do you travel if necessary?

We do. Nationally and internationally. Production costs increase, of course, beyond travel expenses alone. Travel days are billed at 50% of our normal day rate.

Am I kept aware of the work being done on the video as it progresses?

The LifeShare Journal, our most basic video program, is a short and straightforward process and normally doesn't require progress reports.
The other services require larger budgets and much longer production times. Clients are kept apprised at all steps along the way, including approval of script (if needed), music selection, choice of narrator, review after each of the first and second program edits, and upon completion.

What is the payment structure for a typical video program?

We request 33% of the total cost upon project start, 33% upon completion of the videotaping portion, and 33% upon completion.

Can we change our minds once the production begins? Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. It depends on stage of production, but we will work with you to reach a mutually satisfying refund of any unused portions of your payment.

Do you accept credit cards?

We are currently working on setting up a credit option for our clients.