Retrospection Media was founded by Ray Deremo, a video production expert…and family man…with over 35 years of professional marketing and creative experience, a producer of video programs for some of America's most respected companies, including Brunswick, UNOCAL, The Chicago Board of Trade, Northwestern University, StarKist, McDonald's, Sara Lee, Apple Computer, HSBC, Discover & Company, Claire's Stores, Navistar, Sears, Athletico and US Cellular.

Equally important, Ray is a person who values his many ancestors and family members and believes that every family's legacy is unique, memorable, and of great importance to each generation that follows. He's committed to the notion that his parents, grandparents and every cousin, aunt and uncle has had an effect on his life in some way or another, and that the same is true with most families. This is the philosophy behind Retrospection Media and the creation of each Digital Life Story.

"Ray captured exquisite shots of Manny's artwork, home and landscape... with brilliant detail and dialogue, lasting images that truly move our hearts. His work beautifully guides us to visit the authentic, underlying spirit of our beloved uncle. I praise Ray for his sensitivity, refinement, and the love of his craft..."

Ellena Lieberman
Palm Beach, FL
Retrospection Media is a division of NewVision Communications, Inc. NewVision has served corporate clients, small businesses and non-profits for over 20 years, providing full-service marketing programs, communications media and event production services.

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