Celebrate the young life of Fotini Kaufman, an excellent student and swimmer, as her loving parents prepare to send their eldest daughter off to college. Shown as a surprise at her Graduation party, Fotini's keepsake video proves that you're never too young to have accomplished much and impacted the lives of everyone around you.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get a glimpse into the life and times of one of your ancestors? What was life really like for them? Without any direct connection, though, we can only imagine, for instance, what our mother's grandmother really experienced.

So much history is lost when the generations pass, one into the next. Developing a family's genealogy using various resources can help, but unless we are lucky enough to discover a stash of old letters or diaries, we seldom get more than the dry facts about our ancestors.

Now Retrospection Media makes it easy to preserve a family's history with Digital Life Stories – moving, professionally crafted keepsakes of your family's most cherished members…parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles…those beloved family members who are most responsible for your family's unique legacy.
Meet 91 yr. old interior designer, Manny Feingold. His upbringing, outstanding design skills, exemplary work ethic, and Wright protégé-designed home speak volumes about this charismatic man. But it's Manny's approach to life itself that leaves the greatest legacy. An example of our premium Family Legacy Biography.

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  • Family Event Videos: Weddings, Anniversaries, Tributes.
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Steve's goal was to marry the "brightest, best looking, most popular girl on campus". That goal was achieved when Sharon agreed to marry him in 1964.
This is Steve's greatest "Love Note" to his wife, presented as a surprise on their 50th Anniversary. With 75 family and friends in attendance, Steve and Sharon's lives together unfolded on the big screen through the poignant and humorous recollections of Steve and his three remarkable daughters.
  • Your family members' own words taken from relaxed,
    conversational interviews.
  • Any available family photographs from throughout the
    profiled member's life.
  • Highly-professional cinematic techniques and editing.
  • Leading edge video production equipment, including high definition cameras, professional microphones and lighting, and state of the art editing computers and software.
"What a priceless gift these videos are to our family! These life story retellings are like historical journals. The information and mementos they contain may have been forever lost had we not had Retrospection Media preserve them".
Jana Conant, Jackson, MI